ePR - Széchenyi Race 2010All over the world different kinds of car-races exist. Among different kinds of conditions competitors and teams both use several sorts of vehicles to win and to prove that human ability and modern technology can achieve more and more unbelievable results. Names of competitors, teams, vehicles became suddenly admired and envied legends forever. But the problem is that while they use the most modern technologies they make big organizational work but they don't even use any of their huge advertising potentials to urge the solving of a very important problem.

ALTernative RACE

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Nowadays it is becoming a more and more huge problem that our energy resources are being exhausted. The future is for the alternative energy resources and for the technical innovations. Mankind uses up and exhaust gradually the available but not renewable natural resources of the Earth, meanwhile it keeps polluting the environment in a fast increasing scale. There is a long way to the fulfillment of this global problem and on this way the first and most important steps can be taken by the technological innovations developed for car-racing.

Gerundium Leila - Széchenyi Race 2011

The race gives an opportunity for the competitors to realize their innovative ideas and to establish an environment-friendly competiting form in Hungary. Through this they are giving an example for the fans firstly about environment-conscious lifestyle and secondly that dynamic and speed can not only be realized with the using of hydrocarbons.

Micron - Széchenyi Race 2011

Elektro GO-KART 2011

Pannon Rider - Széchenyi Race 2011

evs gabEV - Széchenyi Race 2011

ALTrace in Győr 2013 - Live Stream

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