ALTrace in Győr – a clean race for a livelier future

ALTrace Győr 2013On 1st of May (Wednesday) the Nádor - subway and it´s environs will be taken into possession again by environmentally – friendly vehicle - wonders. The noble competition of the 45 alternatively driven vehicles promises to be an interesting professional event, likewise a nice family programme as well.

The county residence is the home to the international race of teams researching the energy resources of the future and demonstrating their own inventions already since eight years. Whereas the two - , three - , and four – wheeled vehicles powered by compressed air, electricity, solar energy and hydrogen compete each other for medals and cups, they also call the attention of the society that the turn in the vehicle industry is close. The petrol and diesel gets more and more expensive, there is from time to time less of them, while still everyone wants to travel. The topic of alternative mobility grew in almost every country to a national strategy. About the effort of the Union you can find a detailed, with diagrams illustrated analysis on the website

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The race launched as a start – up undertaking by creative young people from Győr became famous as Széchenyi Race, but based on the previous experiences and successes it turned into an international competition, so it´s name has also changed. On this year´s races of ALTrace Győr there will also the representatives of practically all national technical colleges participating.

The venue is the usual, the Nádor - subway and it´s environs rendering the atmosphere of Monaco, which was provided for the organisers by the leaders of the city of Győr. This year the AUDI Motor Hungaria Ltd. supports the race as a golden sponsor, and the four – circles car manufacturer presents even a Spirit special award. The main patron of the race is Mr. Zoltán Schváb, the vice state secretary responsible for transport of the Ministry of National Development. The LIDL mall still provides it´s parking lot, so the pit lane and the different service facilities will be located here.

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Mr László Petis (the director of the race) hopes that the event will point out itself and from the technologies demonstrated on the asphalt of Győr the more ideas will appear in the vehicles of the future. Due to his words there are already similar initiatives in the IT industry branch (e. g. Bridge Budapest -, however the vehicle industry is a more complex area. The alternatively driven vehicles presented here will be in all probability stay on a concept level, though who participate on the race those can collect such experiences in course of the planing, building and racing phase which determine both the future of the sector and the life of the person.

As the technical innovation of the ALTrace – thanks to the cooperation of the organiser ALTmob Ltd. and the S & T Consulting Hungary Ltd. – the S & T provides a free CREO software, support and education for the teams participating on the race, delegated by educational institutions. From 2014 only vehicles equipped with CREO are allowed to participate on the race.

Let´s meet on 1st May in Györ!

ALTrace in Győr 2013 - Live Stream

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